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Oud & Amber Bath

A unique and very enjoyable experience where all the steps of the royal bath are used in addition to the Moroccan soap with the scent of Khazama and with the use of all products with the smell of oud and amber, which in turn gives a pleasant scent to the entire body.

55 MIN 367.50 AED Book Now
Royal Moroccan Bath

The royal bath takes more time and more care, and a second steam session is added in addition to a special full-body scrub that helps to lighten the body pores and better whiten the skin, also hair oi is added to maintain the elasticity and elegance of the hair and a facial mask, in addition to the freedom to choose the material scents during the bath, such as rose , Mint, gold and many others.

45 MIN 262.50 AED Book Now
Normal Moroccan Bath

The Moroccan bath consists of one steam session in addition to the special Moroccan soap that helps to exfoliate the dead skin, take out the microbes, In addition to scrubbing the entire body well, and put a mask on the face to lighten the complexion of the face.

30 MIN 157.50 AED Book Now