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Hands Massage

Palm massage is a form of ancient Chinese medicine whose techniques and methods have been popular in recent times after many medications and medical drugs were unable to repair some of the body ailments.

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Feet Massage

Since ancient times, foot massages are used by many peoples to treat muscle pain and remove stress and tension from the body, and this type of massage is used to renew the body's energy and give it comfort, as the feet consist of many points classified by specialists as being associated with all body parts, and when making a massage and focusing on a certain point, this will  get rid of the pain in the organ that is expressed by that point, just as the treatments that are done by massage the feet are not limited to the physical aspect only, but extends to many psychological and nervous aspects.

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Head Massage

When it comes to making a massage, the real happiness lies in making a massage for the scalp and face, because of the great benefits other than feeling happy. The head massager increases the blood flow in the skin, which prevents stagnation of blood, thus increasing the lymphatic drainage of the body, which leads to getting rid of toxins in the cells and bringing more nutrition and vitality to dull skin and less shiny hair.

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Topical Massage

The therapist’s focus on massaging the pain area for 30 minutes by using preparations to help relieve pain and in most cases it helps removing pain permanently, especially in the case of repeated massages.

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Swedish Massage

The main goal of the Swedish massage is the relaxation of the entire body.The Swedish massage relies on muscle massages towards the flow of blood returning to the heart, which benefits exceptionally to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and reduce the amount of impurities present in the muscles as a result of daily stresses and lack of exercise as it is useful in stimulating the cycle Bloody and muscle flexibility while relieving tension

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Thai Massage

Thai massage contains a set of negative stretching movements made on the feet, knees, hands and elbows, as well as helping to relax. Thai massage also increases energy flow and flexibility while stimulating internal organs to perform well.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage combines a relaxing Swedish massage with deep sports massage, which focuses on a muscle spasm or injury. The therapist focuses on the joints and muscle intersection and the tendons of the muscles, which helps to strengthen nerves and muscle flexibility, in general the sports massage helps protecting the muscles from injuries due to daily movement, it is advised to continuously obtain a sports massage periodically, for athletes and non-athletes to avoid muscle injuries due to lack of flexibility.

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Hot Oil Massage

An interesting experience and a very comfortable feeling as the warm oil with the massage gives the body and muscles a warm feeling, which urges the muscles to fully relax, which facilitates the removal of impurities from the muscles, by continuous massage for 60 minutes.

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Indonesian Massage

One of the oldest types of massage in the world and depends on the deep pressure of the muscles, slowly and very comfortably, especially for the treatment of chronic and acute muscle and joint pain, using Indonesian techniques with special oils that removes fatigue, tension, insomnia, headache and sciatica and stimulates blood circulation.

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Hot Stones Massage

Combining the use of hot stone with full body massage provides healing and gives an effective experience. Hot stones also help to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. Hot stones have a calming effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

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Deep tissue Massage

This type of massage highlights the painful points in the body, and the therapist usually uses slow and light strokes that focus on applying pressure to the upper layers of the muscles and tissues under the skin.

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مساج عالمي 15 20 AED Book Now